Working With Helping Professionals of All Kinds

This service is available to complementary health practitioners, and any professional whose work involves helping people, for example lawyers, doctors, or nurses…

My aim is:

  • To support you in your relationship with your clients/patients and explore what helps and hinders it
  • To help you make sense of behaviours and feelings occurring in yourself and your patients/clients during the course of your helping activities

Why is Supervision Important?

You are an expert in your profession and the techniques you have learned to help your clients. However, it’s unlikely you’ve been trained in the psychological dynamics that occur between a helper and receiver of help. These dynamics can often seem puzzling or disruptive to your work, and supervision can help you make sense of them and work better with them.

Please feel free to contact me for supervision if what you have read above resonates for you.

What Happens During Supervision?

  • Discussing the relational/psychological/emotional aspects of your work
  • Thinking more clearly about what is happening between your client and yourself
  • Identifying and differentiating your own patterns from those of your clients
  • Identifying the behaviour patterns in clients which you most struggle with and explore what might help
  • Working collaboratively to share ideas around maintaining boundaries – for example what you are and are not responsible for
  • Considering the options that will help you work with these patterns

What We Will Reflect On

  • How you are affected by individual clients and the interpersonal aspect of your work as a whole
  • Relational patterns emerging in our supervision that can throw light on you as a relational being in your work and wider context.
  • Your self-care.

If further attention to your own personal growth would be helpful, this will be flagged but not worked with. This is what differentiates supervision from therapy.

Supervision is usually conducted on a regular basis: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, according to what your needs are. I am available to work one-to-one or to supervise small groups (3-4 participants).