Help for Insomnia

Using CBT-I, you can sleep well again, drug-free.

"My day starts backwards... I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake." - Unknown.

Sound familiar?

I have overcome insomnia and you can too

3 years ago, after a steady decline in my sleep post-menopause, I eventually stopped sleeping altogether. Prior to menopause, I was a good sleeper. An excellent sleeper even! I LOVED my sleep! So to lose it was very difficult for me to face. I became anxious about going to bed, thought about sleep and whether I would get any a lot of the time, worried about what I had to do the next day and whether I would be able to do it, cancelled plans, and was generally miserable about not sleeping. In my journey to recovery I tried many different approaches that promised much but delivered little. Eventually I stumbled across CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia). This changed everything, and within a short space of time I was able to sleep again, and changed my attitude to sleep and insomnia. This led me to train in CBT-I, which I am now offering to you as part of my practice, delivered online.

Reclaim Your Sleep: CBT-i and Insomnia Therapy for Menopausal Insomnia and More

Is menopausal insomnia disrupting your nights and making your days a constant struggle? Whether you're facing the unique challenges of menopausal sleep disturbances or struggling with insomnia for other reasons, CBT-i and tailored insomnia therapy offer a lifeline to re-establish your sleep.

Unleash the Power of CBT-i: Your Journey to Restful Sleep

CBT-i is a scientifically-backed approach that hones in on changing behaviours and thought patterns that fuel insomnia. It's not about relying on medication; it's about equipping you with strategies to naturally reclaim your sleep.

Imagine a life where you can:

  • Drift into slumber more easily
  • Stay asleep through the night
  • Wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day

Say goodbye to the anxiety that comes with sleepless nights

CBT-i empowers you to build a healthier, more enduring relationship with sleep, free from the side effects of medication.

Your Personalized Insomnia Therapy Roadmap

At my practice I understand that insomnia varies from person to person and that menopausal insomnia has its unique challenges. That's why I provide a personalised approach to therapy. Here's what your journey will involve:

1. Assessment: I start by getting to know you, your sleep patterns, and your specific menopausal or insomnia-related challenges. This information helps me craft a unique treatment plan just for you.

2. CBT-i Sessions: Work one-on-one with me to help you move forward on your menopausal and general insomnia. Through guided discussions and exercises, you'll learn to identify and alter the thought patterns and behaviours that keep you awake.

3. Relaxation Techniques: Discover relaxation strategies to help you unwind and prepare your mind and body for restful sleep.

4. Sleep Education: Knowledge is power. Gain a deep understanding of sleep, including the unique factors that come into play during menopause, and empower yourself to make informed choices for better sleep.

5. Learning for life: Your journey doesn't conclude with therapy sessions. You will acquire the knowledge and skills to quickly reverse any future setbacks.

Anticipate Tangible Results

With CBT-i and insomnia therapy, you can anticipate:

  • Improved sleep quality, including better management of menopausal symptoms disturbing your sleep.
  • Reduced wakefulness during the night
  • Less nighttime anxiety
  • Improved daytime alertness and mood
  • A boost in your overall quality of life

Your Path to a Good Night's Sleep Begins Here

Don't allow menopausal insomnia or any other form of insomnia to dictate your life. Take the initial step towards a more peaceful future by scheduling a consultation with me. Reclaim the delight of a good night's sleep and awaken each morning ready to embrace a brand new day.

Contact me today, and let's collaborate to restore restful sleep to your life